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Message from President Machen: Salary Increase Plan

Dear Faculty and Staff:

The Florida Legislature this year rewarded state universities that demonstrated outstanding performance associated with academics and research. Not surprisingly, the University of Florida led the state university system and we will receive an additional $25.9 million in funding beginning on July 1.

Much of the university’s success is due to the excellence of our faculty, staff and graduate assistants. It is therefore my pleasure to announce a salary increase plan for the 2014-15 year that recognizes exceptional performance and a commitment to preeminence.

Beginning July 1, eligible faculty will participate in a 3.5 percent merit pool and eligible staff will participate in a 2.5 percent merit pool. Merit raises will be awarded based on criteria established by the colleges and units. In addition, all eligible faculty and staff with annual incomes of $50,000 or less will receive a $500 one-time bonus.

The university also will provide funding for faculty promotions in the coming year, with an effective date of July 1, 2014. These salary increases will help UF achieve Top 10 status by retaining and rewarding outstanding faculty and staff.

Salary increases for employees in a bargaining unit are subject to union negotiation and approval.  We are committed to working with the unions to reach agreement for covered employees including graduate assistants.

In addition to funding support, the Legislature did not increase employee health care premiums for the state health plans and no changes were made to employee retirement plans.

Additional details regarding the eligibility criteria and the process for implementing the salary increases will be forthcoming from Human Resource Services. While the salary increase process will take a couple of months to complete, the effective date of the increases will be July 1, 2014, for 12-month, August 7 for 10-month, and August 16 for 9-month faculty and staff.

I am extremely proud of the work of our faculty and staff.  I applaud your efforts, and I look forward to a successful year ahead as we enter a new era of advancement and growth.

Bernie Machen

Published: June 19th, 2014

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