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ePAF Process for Additional Payments Updated

In order to help comply with the Affordable Care Act, while providing more clarity about certain types of payments, the ePAF process for additional payments is being updated.
Over the past year, an HR workgroup has worked to review the additional payment process (including payments for those who only receive one-time payments from UF).

The primary goal of this effort was to ensure compliance with Affordable Care Act reporting requirements, but other goals included providing clarity and guidance about how to provide certain types of payments while improving payment tracking and analytics.

Some of the changes you will notice include:

  • Condensed selection of earnings codes
  • Meaningful reason codes tied directly to earnings codes and for additional payments paid for “duties performed”
  • Request for begin and end dates along with an estimate of the total work hours for certain types of transactions, to be entered on the ePAF

This new ePAF process will be live on Thursday, December 18. Please click here for the new Additional Payment Policy and Earnings Code Guide, which contains policy information as well as all of the earnings code/reason code combinations and a short description of each. The online training section for additional payments and the myUFL Toolkits associated with additional payments have also been updated and are available for review. Should you have any questions, please contact Recruitment & Staffing at employment@ufl.edu or 392-2477.

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Published: December 17th, 2014

Category: News