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Hurricane Dorian: Time Reporting and Support for Faculty and Staff

We hope everyone had a safe Labor Day weekend.  As you know, due to Hurricane Dorian, the university campus in Gainesville was closed Tuesday, September 3, and other UF areas throughout the state have had similar closings in keeping with their county government guidelines.  To ensure everyone is paid accurately, please be sure to adhere to University Payroll’s time reporting and approval deadlines and follow these guidelines:

Reporting administrative leave

All USPS employees and hourly (non-exempt) TEAMS employees should report hours they were scheduled to work during their work unit’s closing period via the Weekly Elapsed Screen using the “900-Administrative Leave-EMC” time reporting code.  Employees should enter the number of hours they were actually scheduled to work. 

Exempt TEAMS and faculty employees will not need to record this time through the Weekly Elapsed Screen. (However, if exempt TEAMS or faculty employees have entered the “900-Administrative Leave-EMC” time reporting code, it does not need to be removed.  In this case, however, they also will need to enter the “HOL” holiday time reporting code for Monday.)   Graduate assistants and postdoctoral associates will be paid as normal without any modifications.

While administrative leave is available only to eligible employees when a work site is impacted, we ask that supervisors be flexible during this time as storm-related circumstances can still be disruptive for our faculty and staff.  Personally accrued vacation and sick leave may be used during this time upon request.  If appropriate, with supervisory approval, working from home may also be an option.

Managers are also reminded to please work with your hourly OPS employees to allow them to make up any missed work time.

Special considerations for essential personnel

All USPS employees and hourly (non-exempt) TEAMS employees who worked during their work unit’s closing period will need to record both the time they worked during the closing as well as the administrative leave in order to accrue special compensatory leave appropriately in addition to their normal pay.  If the compensatory leave is not used by the employee within six months following its accrual, the employee will be paid for the leave. For further guidance on Essential Personnel, please visit the Essential Personnel policy posted on the UFHR website.

TEAMS exempt employees who were required to work during the emergency closing are also eligible for compensatory leave at the discretion of their supervisor — although this compensatory leave is handled at the department level and not reported via myUFL.  Faculty and graduate assistants are not eligible for compensatory leave under the Essential Personnel policy.

Hourly (non-exempt) OPS employees who worked during the closing should enter their time as they normally would.  Managers are reminded to please work with your OPS employees to allow them to make up any missed work time.

Emergency fund established for faculty and staff

Our “Aid-a-Gator” emergency funding program has been established to provide limited assistance to UF faculty and staff who are experiencing a temporary and unforeseen financial hardship due to events such as hurricanes.  To learn more, including how you can make a donation to Aid-a-Gator or to apply for assistance, visit http://hr.ufl.edu/aidagator.

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact University Benefits at (352) 392-2477 or email central-leave@ufl.edu or timelaborhelp@admin.ufl.edu.

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Published: September 4th, 2019

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