Onboarding for New Hires in Human Resources

What is Human Resources Onboarding?

HR Onboarding is a program designed to support new hires working in a Human Resources role.

The training welcomes new HR staff or staff new to an HR role, across the University of Florida and provide a high-level overview of important human resources information to get you started. Our objective is to introduce key HR concepts at the University of Florida, provide access to resources and tools, aid in allowing you to create connections with others in similar situations to yours, and help you understand how the UF Human Resources core offices can assist you as you learn your new role.

  • Topics that will be covered in this program include:
  • An overview of HR at the University of Florida
  • An introduction to the departments within UF Human Resources, their role and how the departments support the university
  • An introduction to each HR department personnel
  • An opportunity to practice key functions for HR roles

We also hope that this program will begin to build your network of colleagues. In the program you will meet other new employees and the core office personnel who will be able to answer your questions.

HR Job Codes (pdf)

Fiscal Onboarding

Fiscal Onboarding (Finance and Accounting)

Upcoming Fall 2023 Sessions


For questions about the HR Onboarding program, contact Ronda Mitchell at rmitchell@ufl.edu

For questions or registration assistance email  training@ufl.edu or call (352) 392-4626