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Administrative Guide for Regional Network Employment

To welcome Regional Network employees to the University of Florida, please review the information below.


Call UF Human Resources at 352-392-2477

Who are Regional Network Employees?

UF Health is working towards its goal of improving individual and community health through discovery, clinical and translational science and technology, exceptional education and patient-centered, innovative, high-quality health care by expanding its reach across the state and the Southeast region.

To do so, UFHealth has a presence across the state of Florida with medical campuses staffed by high-quality health professionals.

Currently, we have the following categories:

Regional Network Employment in myUFL

1. Create a Position

If your department has a Regional Network employment opportunity, you will need to work with Classification and Compensation to create a position number in the myUFL system to hire a qualified individual for the position.

2. Advertising the Job

Like our other employment opportunities, a new position will need to be advertised in UF’s job website to reach qualified candidates. These opportunities are advertised for a minimum of 7 days. To learn more about the advertising process, review UF’s recruiting guidelines for staff positions.

3. Preparing an Offer

As you prepare to onboard a Regional Network employee, ensure you are providing a seamless transition by:

  • Proactively guiding them through the background screening process at UF. For more information, review our Background Screening process documentation.
  • Providing an offer letter using the Regional Network template customized for these employees.
  • Entering their employment paperwork prior to their effective start date to ensure they have all the necessary access to UF and UFHealth systems.
  • Listing the new employee’s location in the myUFL system to ensure appropriate onboarding communication is provided.

4. Benefits and Resources

Now that a Regional Network employee is part of your unit, be sure to share information on benefits and resources available to them as UF employees.