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June 14 Town Hall Meeting: Faculty and Staff Climate Survey Results

On June 14, a representative from Rankin & Associates — the consulting firm engaged to coordinate the survey — will be on campus to discuss high-level summaries of the findings from a university-wide perspective. A report of these findings also will be available on the survey website once it is provided to UF in June.

Climate Survey yields 36 percent response rate from faculty and staff

The UF Faculty & Staff Climate Survey, designed to help determine how well the university fosters a sense of belonging for its faculty and staff, opened on Tuesday, Oct. 27, and closed on Friday, Nov. 27, with an overall response rate from faculty and staff of 36.4 percent—although a few more paper surveys are expected to be received this week.

Faculty and Staff Climate Survey available through November 17

On October 27, President W. Kent Fuchs and Council on Diversity Chair Ron Anderson announced the launch of the University of Florida Faculty-Staff Climate Survey. Found online at, the survey will be available for completion through November 17.

A Better UF: Faculty and Staff Climate Survey

In a letter dated October 27, UF President W. Kent Fuchs addressed the campus community to announce the Faculty and Staff Climate Survey. As Dr. Fuchs said, “Creating and maintaining such an exceptional community is one of the aspirational goals developed by the University Task Force on Goal-Setting to help guide us forward for the next five to 10 years, and we wholeheartedly endorse it.”

The full text of the letter is available here.