Types of Arrangements


The University values excellence in its operations and strives to provide an exceptional employment experience. This document outlines various flexible and remote work options, offering alternative approaches to when, where, and how work is performed.

Flexible Work


Flexible work allows employees to work a standard full or part-time workweek with different start and end times than the regular workday.

Example: An employee working from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Compressed workweeks involve completing all job responsibilities in fewer than five days per week.

Example: An employee working four ten-hour shifts instead of five eight-hour shifts.

Remote Work


Hybrid positions enable employees to work from another location for a portion of their workweek.

Example: An employee working one to four days at a UF location, such as a cubicle, shared space, office, or hoteling space.


Remote positions involve job responsibilities performed 100% of the time from an offsite location. Managers may require onsite presence based on organizational needs, with advanced notice provided to employees.

Combining Arrangements

Supervisors may permit employees to combine arrangements, for example, a remote employee utilizing a flexible work arrangement like a compressed workweek schedule.

Additional Guidance

  • Remote Work Location Agreement is required if an employee is working remotely for 30 or more consecutive days. Informal or occasional remote and flexible work options are at the supervisor’s discretion.
  • Flexible and remote work arrangements are subject to change based on the evolving needs of the individual and the organization and may be revoked or revised at any time by the supervisor or per unit policy.
  • Workers’ compensation applies to work-related injuries defined by Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law. UF is not responsible for injuries unrelated to work activities that occur at off-site locations or elsewhere. Refer to the Workers’ Compensation Policy for details.
  • Non-exempt employees must comply with Wage and Hour Regulations when working remotely.