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UF Engaged for Leaders Course

Below you will find frequently asked questions, guides, and job aids for using the UF Engaged module in myUFL, along with suggested courses and resources to facilitate regular performance conversations with your employees.


Additional Courses

For additional leadership resources, please visit the UF Leadership Toolkit.

System Toolkit

Performance Notes

Simulation | Instruction Guide | Making the Most of Performance Notes

Quarterly Check-ins

Simulation | Instruction Guide | Making the Most of Quarterly Check-ins 

Six Month Probation Check-in

Simulation | Instruction Guide

Manager Tasks for Performance Documents

Instruction Guide

Special Performance Improvement Plan

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What happens if I don’t submit the Check-in before the deadline?
The Check-in document goes away and you have to wait until the next cycle to submit a new one. However, you should still meet with the employee and discuss. And if there’s anything that needs to be recorded, you can work with your Employee Relations Specialist to document.
How do we determine the start date for an employee’s Check-in?
The start date is determined by an individual’s current position entry date. Please note, the system will automatically generate email reminders to both the supervisor and the employee for each Quarterly Check-in. The first reminders for each quarter will be sent thirty (30) days prior to the due date of the individual’s Quarterly Check-in.
Am I able to view my direct reports’ Performance Notes?
No, Performance Notes are only accessible to the user who entered the information. Employees are the only individuals that can read their own performance notes. The supervisor is the only person that would have access to notes they entered regarding their direct reports.
Is UF Engaged mandatory? What if leaders do not choose to implement this new process?
UF Engaged is the official method of documenting staff employee performance at the University of Florida. Our expectation is that this system is used by everyone. Even those areas that have created supplemental employee review processes, can incorporate UF Engaged into any system currently being used, leading to increased employee-leader interaction with productive information exchange.
Part of managing employees is to assess performance on a continual basis. UF Engaged will promote and guide managers across campus to have frequent conversations with their direct reports.
What happens when employees have multiple supervisors?
Few staff that are supervised by more than one person. Obtaining input from both parties is still the recommended process going forward. Ultimately, the supervisor indicated as the leader responsible for the employee in the myUFL system will be the individual completing the Quarterly Check-ins.
Is there be a dual approval process for Check-ins? Can a second level-leader review/sign off on the Check-ins?
A dual approval process is not an available function. Just as this process encourages continuous interaction between leaders and employees, we encourage upper level administrators to communicate with their management team regarding the expectations and specific issues they may want addressed with employees that report to them. Feedback from upper management is encouraged when completing a Quarterly Check-in.
I supervise many individuals; therefore, doing quarterly evaluations on everyone’s anniversary doesn’t seem feasible to me.
UF Engaged features a quarterly ‘check-in’ but will not require a full evaluation every quarter. In fact, the University will no longer require annual evaluations for staff employees at any point during the year, but units will have the discretion to administer annual evaluations if they choose. The goal of UF Engaged is to encourage engagement between the supervisor and employee more frequently, with a much more simplified approach to documenting the employee’s performance, progress, and goals. UF Engaged is a way to help reinforce and support the best practices of managers who are already doing a great job and to encourage managers who may need more support and guidance.
If I am a supervisor, can I enter Performance Notes for my own performance?
Yes; if you are a staff employee with leadership responsibilities, you will be able to enter personal notes related to your own performance through Self-Service, and notes for your employees in Manager Self-Service.