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Below you will find frequently asked questions, job aids for the UF Engaged module in myUFL, resources for accessing the Performance Notes system to track your performance, and suggested courses to support you.


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How does the employee receive a copy of their Quarterly Check-ins?
All Quarterly Check-ins are housed in UF Engaged in the myUFL system through Employee Self-Service. Guidelines on how to navigate to the Quarterly Check-ins page here.
Is the employee able to see the content, placed by their leader, in the Quarterly Check-ins?
Yes; when your leader completes/submits your Quarterly Check-in, you will be able to view the content.
Can an employee add follow up comments to a Quarterly Check-in received from the supervisor?
An employee cannot add comments to a submitted Quarterly Check-in within my UFL. If an employee would like to add additional commentary or a response to the Check-in, they can do so in a separate document that will be added to the employee’s official personnel file with the University.
If an employee does not complete the Self-Assessment, are they subject to discipline?
No; Self-Assessments are optional; however, a unit/department should encourage participation in the Check-in through the employee Self-Assessment.
Can I edit my Self-Assessment after I click on Submit?
No; once the employee clicks on ‘Submit’ they can no longer edit the content entered. However, if the employee has only hit ‘Saved’ they can go back in and edit.
Do employees receive notifications that their Quarterly Check-ins have been completed/submitted?
No; the employee do not receive an email notification indicating the completion/submission of their Quarterly Check-in.
What happens if my supervisor is on leave and is unable to complete my Quarterly Check-in?
We would encourage the employee to complete their Self-Assessment and then communicate with their department Human Resources Representative to inquire about the manager portion of the Quarterly Check-in.
Are Check-in’s available for review by other UF hiring managers if/when an employee has applied for a job in that unit and appears to be a strong candidate?
Yes, supervisor feedback documented during an individual’s Quarterly Check-in(s) will be available for review by other UF hiring managers. The hiring manager and/or department Human Resources representative can contact their UF Human Resources Recruiter in order to obtain past Check-ins for a potential candidate.
Do staff have the opportunity to provide feedback to leaders?
UFHR understands the benefit and desire of some employees to provide feedback, such as a 360-performance evaluation of their leaders, but UF Engaged will not include that feature.
Employees will have the opportunity to do a self-assessment but not a manager assessment.
Since UF Engaged does not have ratings, how will I be able to tell if I had a positive or negative review?
The Quarterly Check-in is a way to facilitate open discussions between you and your leader and should convey your accomplishments, areas that can be elevated or improved, goals and growth opportunities as well as answer any additional questions you may have about your progress during the quarter. The goal of the Check-in is to have a productive conversation about your performance and future growth opportunities.