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Classification & Compensation

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  • UF’s Classification and Compensation is committed to a “total rewards” strategy that encompasses not only a competitive market- and merit-based approach to pay, but also quality benefits, meaningful work and opportunities for career growth and development for our exceptional faculty and staff.

    Our system provides a basis of common understanding through a system of class titles and is designed to ensure that staff positions similar in duties and responsibilities are grouped together. The classification and compensation practices also facilitate administration of funds allocated for wages and salaries in an equitable and legal manner.

    In addition, our classification and compensation system:

    • Helps maintain an “equal pay for equal work” policy—thus avoiding inequitable treatment of employees
    • Aids in recruitment by establishing meaningful qualification requirements and salaries
    • Aids in clarifying and improving organizational structure
    • Facilitates better employee-management relations by ensuring clarity about the expected job

    Employees may review their Compensation History in myUFL via the following navigation: Main Menu > My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > Compensation History.


    Information on class specifications, establishing a new position and modifying a position


    Including paycheck codes, salary ranges, special pay increase instructions and more

    Compensation Policies

    Specifics on university policies related to employee compensation