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Completing the Position Description Form

  • Employment Operations and Records
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding
  • Classification & Compensation
  • Employee Relations
  • The unified position description form should be used for all TEAMS and USPS positions. Please carefully read and follow these instructions to ensure the timely processing of your classification request. Missing or incomplete information impedes the ability of classification staff to complete a review and assessment, which may delay posting of vacant positions or push back effective dates of reclassifications.

    • Provide a brief summary of the position’s role/responsibilities (please limit to 300 words).
    • Enter the proposed and working class title (if known).
    • Enter the current position number.
    • Describe the essential functions of the job. These are the duties and responsibilities of the position. Include (if applicable) the methods, tools, etc., commonly used. Use action verbs such as coordinate, design, develop, implement, and maintain. Assign percentages to each function. (See our guide on “How to Write Position Descriptions” for more information.)
    • Describe the marginal functions. Marginal functions are those that are optional only to individuals covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act who are unable to perform them with or without reasonable accommodation.
    • Explain the type and extent of instructions or directions normally given to the position by the immediate supervisor.
    • List the class titles and position numbers of positions under the direct supervision of the position.
    • Describe the normal work schedule, listing the days and hours of that schedule.
    • Explain any variations from the normal schedule, such as on-call, shift rotations, seasonal extended hours, travel, etc.
    • List all education, training, or experience required, which must include the minimums listed on the class specification. Additional requirements or preferences may be listed.
    • List the types of licenses and/or certificates that the incumbent must hold in order to perform the duties of the position and any other mandatory requirements. Enter a “Y” before all that are appropriate. If “other” requirements exist, please specify. Please be aware that employees who must operate certain commercial motor vehicles are required by law (under the Omnibus Transportation Testing Act of 1991) to submit to pre-employment and on-going random drug testing.
    • List any other characteristics of the position that have not otherwise been described. These would include any physical, mental, or environmental factors essential to satisfactory performance of duties listed in the essential functions.  List any major types of machines and/or equipment used on the job and the approximate percentage of working time spent in the operation of each.
    • Describe any policy making and/or interpretation of policy that will be required.
    • Describe any program direction and development that will be required.
    • Describe the type of communication, internal and external, that will be required.
    • Describe any monetary responsibility (amount and consequence of error) that will be required.
    • Describe the level of responsibility for confidential data, the disclosure of which would be prejudicial to the successful operation of the University of Florida.
    • Describe any creative components of the job–the type and extent of original works, new systems, or applications not existing previously that the employee will be required to develop.
    • Describe the type and extent of the development and/or implementation of strategic recommendations that will be expected of the employee.
    • Describe the type and extent of decision-making and/or unit or work team leadership that will be expected of the employee.

    Enter this information into an “Add New Position” or “Update Position” ePAF. You may save the document on your local drive for retrieval or modification at a later date. To ensure communication of job responsibilities, print a copy, obtain signatures of the employee and supervisor, and retain for documentation.