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HR Data Services & People Analytics

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  • UF Human Resources Data Services & People Analytics team works to connect campus administrators and supervisors with robust HR data and analytics to assist campus partners in making data-driven decisions.

    Current Initiatives

    • Develop baseline dashboard metrics and workforce analytics.
    • Engage campus partners and UFIT Enterprise Reporting to leverage existing reporting systems in order to maximize and streamline supervisor access and utilization.
    • Streamline internal HR data requests from campus administrators and supervisors.

    Note: Public records requests should be submitted at https://publicrecords.ufl.edu/.

    For more information or to request a consultation regarding human resource data at the University of Florida, please email HR-SE-DataServices@ad.ufl.edu.

    For other types of data requests (e.g., time & labor, finance, student data) visit https://learn-and-grow.hr.ufl.edu/toolkits-resource-center/enterprise-analytics/.

    Standard Reports and Resources

    UFIT Enterprise Systems produces several reports on a recurring basis to address university reporting requirements and assist units with human resources decisions.  The reports are a collaboration between Enterprise Systems, UF Human Resources, and other departments.

    Data Reports List

    Please visit the Financial Data Reports website for valuable financial reports.

    UFHR Workforce/HR Analytics

    UFHR’s workforce/HR analytics provide senior university leaders and campus human resource liaisons (HRL) with high level metrics regarding a variety of subjects including headcount, demographic data, and HR job actions.

    Access to UFHR current workforce/HR analytics is reserved to campus deans, vice president, and campus HRLs.  Please contact the UFHR Data Services & People Analytics team regarding access inquiries by emailing HR-SE-DataServices@ad.ufl.edu.

    The UFHR Workforce/HR Analytics can accessed using link below:

    UFHR Workforce/HR Analytics

    UFHR People Analytics (beta)

    UFHR is currently developing a series of pilot analytics on key HR subjects including:

    • Retention Metrics
    • Talent Acquisition Metrics
    • Total Rewards Metrics
    • Workforce Data
    • Workforce Engagement Metrics
    • Operational Effectiveness Metrics
    • Payroll Data

    Access to the pilot metrics is restricted to key campus partners for development purposes.  The beta UFHR People Analytics dashboard can accessed using link below:

    UFHR People Analytics


    UFHR Crosswalk Files

    Department-VP Area Crosswalk

    Employee Type Crosswalk

    Training Courses

    With LinkedIn learning, you get all of the courses from Lynda.com, plus 5,000 others to choose from. UF faculty and staff can access LinkedIn Learning by visiting https://training.it.ufl.edu/linkedin/.

    Below is a list of courses that might be helpful as you work with data in your position.

    Excel: Essential Training (Office 365)

    Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions

    Excel: Charts in Depth

    Excel: Power Pivot for Beginners

    Excel: Tips and Tricks