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  • This page contains template letters for appointment of faculty, post-doc associates, graduate assistants, post-doc fellows, and TEAMS (exempt/non-exempt). The resources found on this page are divided by each category.

    Academic HR


    Faculty letters are divided in two main categories, appointments for In Unit faculty and letters for Out of Unit faculty. These main categories are also divided by tenure and non-tenure appointments. Select the appropriate template for your faculty hire. Bookmark this page instead of saving the templates, as these letters are updated regularly.

    In Unit Faculty

    Faculty appointments for E&G (Education and General) units. These faculty members are covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

    Out of Unit Faculty

    Faculty appointments for Law, IFAS, Health Science Center colleges with some faculty employed in the E&G units that are out of unit. For a complete list of titles that are covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and are In Unit, see Appendix A.


    Nine-month faculty who are receiving a summer appointment (salary plan FASU) would use the template below.

    Post-Doc Associates

    This template is utilized by all of campus when appointing a new post doc associate in their unit.

    Graduate Assistants

    Graduate appointments consist of two letters for each student. One letter is the academic appointment to their program with information on assistantship, the second letter is the letter of employment. Below are templates for both of these scenarios.

    Graduate Student Admission with Funding

    Graduate Student Admission Letter without Funding

    Pre-Doc and Post-Doc Fellows

    Staff (TEAMS & USPS)

    The following are letter of offer templates for the different classification of TEAMS employees.

    Letter of Offer for TEAMS Exempt

    Letter of Offer for TEAMS Exempt Time-Limited

    Letter of Offer for TEAMS Non-Exempt

    Letter of Offer for TEAMS Non-Exempt Time Limited