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    University of Florida regulations and policies require an employee’s pay to fall within the salary range assigned to the position’s pay grade. Employees may receive a pay increase upon promoting, reassigning, or demoting to another position. A promotion occurs when an employee moves to a position with a higher pay grade. A transfer or reassignment occurs when an employee moves to another position—either the same title or different title—that has the same pay grade. A demotion occurs when an employee moves to a position with a lower pay grade.

    Salary ranges for each pay grade are available in the Compensation section of this site.


    Reclassifying a position to a new title may be appropriate when the duties of a position have changed significantly over time.

    A reclassification to a higher title requires that an employee meet the following criteria:

    • The employee must meet the minimum qualifications for the new classification
    • The employee must perform the higher level functions for a period of six months prior to the reclassification
    • Employees who do not meet the minimum qualifications for the new classification but meet the equivalent through a combination of education and experience must have performed the higher level functions for an extended period of time prior to the reclassification request

    A Special Pay Increase may be requested during the period the employee performs the higher level functions prior to the reclassification. (See below)

    The reclassification proposal, which is initiated by the supervisor and submitted through the appropriate chain of command, includes a revised position description reflecting the newly assigned duties. This is initiated in PeopleSoft’s Position Management process as a “Add/Update Position Information.” (See the “Reclassifying a Position” instruction guide.) An updated organizational chart must also be submitted either by fax or e-mail. Classification & Compensation will review and evaluate the changes. If approved, the salary increase given can be anywhere within the pay range for the new classification, but depends on departmental funding and the Vice President’s policies.

    Approved reclassifications are made effective at the beginning of the pay period following their approval by Classification and Compensation.

    Executive Appointments

    An appointment without recruitment to the level of Director or above of an employee who does not meet the criteria for reclassifications requires approval from the Vice President for Human Resource Services.