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Background Screening Request

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  • This form is not intended for conducting the appropriate criminal background check to access PK Yonge campus. Please contact Amy Neal (aneal@pky.ufl.edu) with PK Yonge to initiate the appropriate background check process.


    The following is the process to request a background check:

    1. Complete all the fields found on this page (Background Screening Request).  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
    2. Click the Submit button at the bottom of this page. You will see a confirmation page if the form was submitted successfully.
    3. When requesting a FBI Live Scan and 435 Live Scan, make a fingerprinting appointment after submitting this form and receiving a confirmation email from Recruitment and Staffing to do so.

    Alert! If multiple checks are conducted as a result of submitting the same request more than once, the department will be liable for the costs of the checks conducted. Please note that HRS will cover the cost for UF employees.

    Requesting 435 LiveScan Background Check

    This level II background check should only be requested for employees and volunteers who fall into one of the following categories:

    • Working for or volunteering with BabyGator
    • Working or volunteering in a summer camp
    • Working in a position that is contracted or funded by Florida Department of Children and Families
    • Working in an UF sponsored after-school program


    When initiating a 435 Livescan, the requesting department must:

    1. Provide all the necessary information by completing all the fields below, especially ones denoted by an asterisk, and submit the form by clicking the Submit button.
    2. Fax a completed Clearinghouse Applicant Request Form and Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Acknowledge Form to Recruitment and Staffing at 352-846-0668.
    3. Recruitment and Staffing will notify the department if fingerprinting appointment is needed.
    4. Make a fingerprinting appointment with Human Resources or with an approved UF vendor, if employee lives outside of Gainesville / Alachua county once approval is provided by Recruitment and Staffing.

    Alert! Please note Recruitment and Staffing sends a courtesy email to the hiring department within a day to confirm our receipt of the request. The email regarding the fingerprinting appointment is provided in a separate email.

    If an employee completes the fingerprinting portion of the background check before Recruitment and Staffing provides its approval, the hiring department will incur additional cost to complete the check.

    For more information or assistance, please contact HRS at (352) 392-2477 or email HRSBackgrounds@admin.ufl.edu.