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Compensation Policies

Please note: All official UF HR policies are now located on the new UF Policy Hub site.

Human Resources @ UF Policy Hub

Complete information on UF regulations and policies are located on the UF General Counsel’s website.

Below are some additional HR guidelines and resources related to compensation.

  • Direct Deposit and Pay/Debit Card – The University of Florida currently has a direct deposit policy that states, “All employees, including temporary hires and non-work study students, are required to participate in the Direct Deposit Program as a condition of employment, regardless of date of hire”. By Federal Regulations, Work-Study students are not required to participate in the Direct Deposit Program, but they are encouraged by the University of Florida to participate. Employees who are unable to establish an account for direct deposit at a financial institution must request to have their salary applied to a pay/debit card through Wachovia, called “My Direct Pay Card.” More information is available at University Payroll’s website.
  • Incentive Payments – Incentive payments recognize and reward employees for significant performance and contribution over a limited time period based on pre-established goals as part of a pre-approved plan or may be used to retain a key employee.  Plans must be provided to Classification and Compensation in advance, with final approval for any such payments being provided by the Vice President for Human Resource Services.
  • Pay for Promotion, Demotion, or Reassignment – Employees may receive a pay increase upon promoting, reassigning, or demoting to another position.  A promotion occurs when an employee moves to a position with a higher pay grade.  A transfer or reassignment occurs when an employee moves to another position—either the same title or different title—that has the same pay grade.  A demotion occurs when an employee moves to a position with a lower pay grade. Salary ranges for each pay grade are available in the compensation section of this site.
  • Visa Status – An employee’s visa status affects appointment eligibility as well as withholding for federal, Social Security and Medicare (FICA) taxes. Employees who fail to provide their departments with copies of their past or current visa documents will be responsible for paying their respective tax liability. The Foreign National Tax Information Form and the I-9 must be completed and sent to the University Tax Services if there is an extension or change of status for the employee. An employee will not be put on payroll without the report from the University Tax Services. Employees are encouraged to consult with their own tax advisers concerning their visa and tax status.
  • Wage & Hour Law – Includes information on non-exempt and exempt status, time-worked regulations, no paid leave for OPS employees, overtime, record keeping, additional employment, and official university travel.
  • Workers’ Compensation – Visit the Workers’ Compensation portion of the Employee Relations web site for more information on work-related injuries, regulations, and more.