Your Gateway to University Services

MyUFL is the university’s central portal for a variety of online services and applications managed by UF Information Technology. As a university employee, you can access various functionalities through MyUFL, including purchasing, travel and expense reimbursement, hiring, time and leave reporting, research administration, student finances, and more.

View Your Earnings Statement

Check your online earnings statement regularly for accurate deductions. To access your statement, sign in with your GatorLink username and password, then go to:

Main Menu > My Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck.

You can also find other useful items under Payroll and Compensation, such as W-4 Tax Information, Compensation History, and View Leave History.

Electronic W-2s

Receive your W-2 electronically by providing consent through the myUFL system. To do so, log in to MyUFL, navigate to Main Menu > My Self Service > W-2/W-2c Consent, and confirm your consent via email. This consent remains valid for subsequent years unless you choose to withdraw it or upon employment termination. If you don’t consent, your W-2 will be sent by U.S. mail. Remember to keep your contact information up-to-date in the system.

Register for Training

Take advantage of UF’s professional development opportunities. To register for training, sign in to MyUFL at, go to Main Menu > My Self Service > Training and Development, and select “myTraining Enrollment.” Use the Activity Search or Catalog to find courses, which are searchable by course number, title, and keyword. Visit the UFHR Learn & Grow website for more training resources.

Travel Arrangements

For travel arrangements, some departments have centralized processes managed by college or department administrators. If you will be handling travel arrangements for yourself or your department, you are expected to complete the necessary training for this function.

Instruction Guides and Simulations

Use this toolkit as a guide for navigating self-service functions, personalizing the portal view, and understanding basic myUFL functionality.

Note: The navigation in myUFL may look different, but the policies and procedures in this toolkit remain accurate and up to date. Training materials will be updated to reflect the new look and menu of myUFL.

Personalizing myUFL

Security Roles

Lists and descriptions of all UF security roles can be found on the Identity & Access Management website.

  • The security roles used for basics in myUFL are automatically given with the Gator Link account. If you have any trouble using the My Self Service link, please contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA).

Contact Information