Compensatory Leave

Eligibility and Types of Compensatory Leave

Non-exempt TEAMS employees are eligible to earn compensatory leave in certain situations outlined in UF Leaves Regulation 1.201. Supervisors or other University of Florida administrators may require employees to use accrued compensatory leave with reasonable notice. The three types of compensatory leave are:

Overtime Compensation

Overtime compensation is provided to non-exempt TEAMS employees for work beyond 40 hours in a workweek. The compensation is either in the form of paid overtime or overtime compensatory leave. The conversion from overtime to leave is automatically processed by the system. Employees may accrue up to 120 hours of overtime compensatory leave.

Special Compensatory Leave

Special compensatory leave is earned on an hour-for-hour basis in conjunction with holidays or certain types of administrative leave. Eligible employees include non-exempt TEAMS employees, except those receiving workers’ compensation salary payments.

Compensatory Leave Balances Exceeding the Maximum Allowed

Overtime Compensatory Leave

When an employee’s overtime compensatory leave balance reaches 120 hours, they will start receiving overtime pay for any additional overtime worked. Once the balance drops below the maximum, the employee will switch back to receiving overtime compensatory leave.


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