UF Dual Career Program

Bridging Professional Life and Community

The University of Florida’s dual career program endeavors to collaborate with spouses and domestic partners of newly offered faculty and staff relocating to Gainesville, fostering opportunities for career growth and community engagement.

Making the Connection

Connecting promptly with the program facilitates acclimation to Gainesville and aids in establishing it as home, helping in navigating career opportunities and transitioning to life in the city.

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Eligibility & Participation Details

Eligibility for the program extends to spouses and domestic partners of newly hired faculty and staff relocating to Gainesville, with support available during the initial two years of relocation.

Please note that participation in this service does not ensure employment. Success depends on individual factors like motivation, workforce trends, economic conditions, and job demand in your field.

While we support dual career couples through this program, being a faculty or staff member’s spouse/partner does not guarantee a position at the University. Departments prioritize hiring the most suitable and qualified candidates for their vacancies.

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