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    Employee Relations seeks to be a trusted resource to all University of Florida employees, as well as a strategic partner to supervisors, managers, and faculty leaders. We work to promote an environment where all employees can be productive and successful in achieving their professional and career goals, and are treated fairly and respectfully. To best assist the UF community, Employee Relations has representatives in several satellite locations, and collectively, we strive to ensure university policies and regulations are followed fairly and consistently.

    Specifically, Employee Relations provides consultation, direction, and oversight in performance appraisals, disciplinary processes, employee complaints, workplace injuries and workers’ compensation, union contracts, and effective manager-employee relationships.

    Employee Relations also oversees the investigative process of complaints alleging discrimination, harassment, and violations of UF regulations or policies, and serves as a consultant with hiring authorities on how to address the outcome of such investigations.

    Our efforts are guided by our desire to exemplify our core values in all of the work that we do.

    Performance Appraisals

    Historically, the employee evaluation period ran from March 1 through the last day of February of each year, and annual appraisals were to be signed and dated by both the supervisor and employee by March 31.

    Employee Relations is currently reviewing and updating UF’s annual performance appraisal process and did not require appraisals be completed in March 2018, unless a change in an employee’s performance level had occurred. We are working on a new format that will modernize our practices and develop guidance that will best ensure employees are getting timely and insightful feedback from their managers and that managers are equipped to help their employees be successful in how they perform and conduct themselves on the job.

    Workers’ Compensation

    Information on workers’ compensation eligibility, rates, reporting, and much more.

    Employee Inquiry and Complaints Procedures

    Employees may have concerns about possible policy violations, unfair or inappropriate actions, or misconduct in their work areas that cannot be resolved through their supervisory channels. This page offers information about different ways in which employees can seek resolution to concerns in their work areas and how to file a complaint against another employee they believe may be engaged in a policy violation or misconduct.

    Management-Directed Inquiries

    We collaborate with leaders and human resource liaisons across the university to address a wide range of Employee Relations questions and concerns. UF leaders may seek input and guidance when they suspect there may be a potential Employee Relation concern in their area even in the absence of an informal or formal complaint. In these situations, an ER investigator may be tasked with conducting an inquiry that may involve interviews with individuals in the department in order to give department administration a clear picture of the issue in the workplace. Similarly, leaders and human resource liaisons may seek guidance regarding the interpretation or application of a UF policy or regulation, non-disciplinary coaching or counseling approaches, or best practices in documentation. Employee Relations also partners with leaders and human resource liaisons wanting to address more general concerns about the work environment, professionalism, or collegiality within their areas.

    Disciplinary Processes

    Although a majority of employees never engage in conduct warranting discipline, it is important for all employees and supervisors to understand the basic process and potential outcomes involving a disciplinary action. This page offers supervisors and employees basic information regarding the disciplinary processes for the various types of UF employees. The regulations affecting disciplinary processes include, but are not limited to:

    Union Contracts

    All current Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) and any supplements are posted on the Union Contracts page.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions or concerns about your work environment, please contact the main Employee Relations office or your Employee Relations Satellite Office. Our contact information is available on the Contact Us page.