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At UF, we encourage career exploration, development, and success. The Career Development Hub is designed to help employees manage and navigate their career paths at UF. This page provides resources developed to foster continuous learning, personal growth, and professional advancement.

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Cultivate Personal Growth Facilitate Employee Development

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Our tailored microlearning experience offers you a look at the invaluable resources designed to
help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

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Plan for Progress

Envision the future… Where do you see yourself?

The resources below will help you communicate your strengths effectively and find new areas of growth, assess potential titles that interest you and their accompanying responsibilities and qualifications, and make the most of your performance evaluations as a way of establishing professional goals and tracking your accomplishments.

Competencies & Proficiency Tables

List of all TEAMS Titles competencies, with individual pages containing competency definitions, behavior statements, interview questions, and associated TEAMS Titles.

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Job Families & Career Path Maps

Information on job families at UF, including maps reflecting the common pathways for all staff positions within a job family.

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TEAMS Titles Classifications

Information on job responsibilities, education and experience, and competencies for TEAMS titles, organized by job family.

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UF Engaged: Staff Resources

As the university’s framework for staff performance conversations, UF Engaged is the perfect time to discuss career development with your manager.  Learn more about how to utilize UF Engaged to keep track of performance as well as plan for your professional growth.

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Explore New Skills

Set aside time to work on specifics.

The resources below feature popular courses, training series, toolkits, and the HR training calendar to find upcoming courses that will fit into your busy schedule.

Professional Development

Overview of popular courses and information on special training series developed by UFHR Training & Organizational Development, such as Pro3, Thrive@UF, RAFT, and Gators Together.

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Toolkit Resource Center

Featuring a variety of training materials, including simulations, instruction guides and UFHR courses, toolkits offer just-in-time training for both business processes and professional development resources.

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LinkedIn Learning

Training platform for online skill-building education.

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HR Training Calendar

Listing and calendar view of on-going HR trainings (synchronous) and wellness events.

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Managing at UF

A comprehensive training series designed to help managers or aspiring mangers develop the skills to lead effectively and build thriving teams. This certification includes a range of workshops designed with UF in mind.

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Leadership Development Toolkit

Outlines a framework for the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to be an excellent leader at UF.

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New Manager Toolkit

From the very first day on the job, UFHR wants every new manager to establish a solid foundation for success. This New Manager Toolkit provides you with key resources to increase your self-awareness, set your team up for success, and effectively manage and lead.

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Make a Move

When preparation meets opportunity.

The resources below feature tips, exercises, and important aspects to keep in mind as you invest time and energy into progressing your career. From cover letters and job postings to nailing your next interview, we have developed resources for you to feel equipped along the way.

Navigating Careers at UF

A guide to get the most from UF’s Careers at UF portal.

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Foundations of a Great Resume and Cover Letter

On-demand webinar coaching individuals on writing a great resume and cover letter.

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Tailoring a Resume

Successful resumes often have one thing in common: they are tailored to the job description! Learn how to stand out by tailoring your resume.

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Before, During & After the Interview

Tips and tricks for what to do before, during, and after an interview.

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Cultivate Personal Growth

The quality of our life and the quality of our work are interdependent.

Below are resources to help cultivate your personal growth so that you can be your best self, on the job and off.

Employee Education Program

Information on tuition assistance for full-time Academic Personnel and TEAMS employees.

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Keep Growing Series

This series highlights online resources crafted for faculty and staff to develop key skills at their own pace that will help them navigate the present and flourish over the long-term.

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Worklife at UF

A range of resources to help faculty and staff build greater health and well-being.

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Facilitate Employee Development

Create an environment that encourages and nurtures employee growth.

The resources below highlight key skills managers need to support others in their personal and professional growth.

UF Engaged: Leader Resources

The UF Engaged check-in includes space to discuss career development with your employee.  This page contains resources to help managers make the most of UF Engaged as a time to discuss performance and support professional growth.

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From Exit Interview to Stay Conversations

Don’t let valuable talent slip through your fingers. By the time an employee tells you they are leaving, it is too late to start a conversation. Discover strategies that foster meaningful connections that make employees feel valued, heard, and driven to excel.

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Support and Motivate Your Employees

With so much emphasis on employee retention, well-being, and engagement, how can leaders support their employees? This video features three inspiring leaders that have identified strategies and techniques to enhance communication with their employees and create opportunities for growth and development.

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Support Employee Engagement

As leaders, we all want our employees to be fully engaged, productive, and motivated at work. To achieve this, employees must feel supported and valued. Leaders have a critical role in listening to employee concerns, sharing their successes, and creating opportunities for growth and development.

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