UF GO Toolkit

Discover and Learn UFGO

UF GO is a user-friendly, web-based travel and PCard cloud platform that integrates the travel request (authorization), booking, expense report, reimbursement and PCard reconciliation processes. This platform also leverages mobile tools for on-the-go trip management.

This training toolkit includes PDF guides created to reflect UF specific system configuration. Select a module to discover what materials are available for each module.


Get started in UF GO by assigning delegates, setting travel preferences & activating e-Receipts


Plan, organize, and request approvals for UF business travel


Booking tool for airfare, car rental, lodging and train


Manage travel expenses, PCard charges, reimbursements, and receipts


Approve travel requests & expense reports (travel, PCard, reimbursements)


On-the-go tools for travelers and approvers to manage travel and expenses