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  • Regular conversations. Increased engagement. Improved performance.

    UF Engaged introduced an abbreviated, more agile process that enables more frequent conversations in a less concentrated amount of time. Leaders receive a quarterly reminder to provide feedback to employees, arranged around each employee’s anniversary date.

    With the introduction of UF Engaged, there are no longer be annual appraisals, ratings or complicated categories. The new system also is not designed to be “the old way x 4.” UFHR is not requiring managers to have four extensive evaluations or “big deal conversations” each quarter, unless such a conversation is needed.

    Quarterly check-ins

    UF Engaged provides scaffolding for leaders to have quarterly check-ins to discuss results and goals. Check-ins are quarterly structured discussions between employees and their leaders that are designed to support employee success through reflection, planning, problem solving, and honest and constructive feedback.

    Quarterly check-ins more regularly let staff know:

    • How they are doing
    • What they need to keep doing
    • What they can do differently to succeed

    The new approach and the system supporting it is designed:

    • To facilitate more frequent conversations in a less concentrated time
    • To encourage leaders to be more intentional and deliberate about the kind of feedback they are giving
    • To provide an organized framework based on employees’ anniversary dates
    • To reduce paperwork, freeing up more time to focus on work

    Technology that supports improved tracking

    A simple and easy-to-use UF Engaged module is available in the myUFL system that includes space for “Performance Notes” and provides reminders to leaders when it’s time to have quarterly conversations designed to improve their team’s performance.

    Performance Notes is a myUFL system tool for leaders to keep personal notes and track events regarding employees’ performance. Designed to be a resource for preparing for the quarterly check-ins, the content in Performance Notes, as well as any attachments, will only be accessible to the user who entered the information.

    Employees may also utilize Performance Notes to keep personal notes and track events for themselves throughout the quarter. Employees also can complete an optional self-assessment. The system generates quarterly reminders notifying the employee of upcoming Check-ins, prompting them to complete their self-assessment.