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University of Florida Standard Operations

As outlined in the April 16 Campus Brief, UF is working toward resuming full and normal operation with the Summer B and Fall 2021 semesters.

While much of the University of Florida community has already returned to in-person work and teaching, standard working operations will be fully restored effective June 28 in conjunction with the beginning of the Summer B semester.  At that time, university offices are expected to be fully open and prepared to provide the same level of in-person service, responsiveness, access, and interaction as they did before the pandemic (at summer-level activity). This includes academic units as well as administrative units in Gainesville and throughout the state (e.g., extension offices, research centers).

The default expectation is that employees will return to their workplace starting Summer B with the same scheduling arrangement and work location as they had prior to the pandemic.

Our research, teaching and learning, innovation, and well-being all benefit from opportunities for interaction and collaboration. By providing these guidelines, our goal is to help support our university as it continues to thrive as an energetic and vibrant place. These standards and practices are longstanding and may continue to be used judiciously as needs arise in the same manner as prior to the pandemic.

Work Schedules and Work Location Standards

The University of Florida is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation, and individual work units and their leadership (deans and vice presidents) decide work units’ operational hours based on needed academic or business outcomes.  Standard operations involve a range of employee work schedules and patterns based on the role, the needs of the unit, and considerations associated with the individual faculty or staff member.  Typically, those working scenarios can be characterized at a University of Florida facility, at a remote work location, or with a hybrid schedule.  Regardless of the work setting or working scenario, UF regulations and policies apply to all university employees.

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Flexibility in the Workplace Policy

The university’s Flexibility in the Workplace Policy codifies a long-standing practice that permits work units to allow employees to stagger arrival and departure times as necessary and to vary the number of workdays in the office so long as an employee’s FTE commitment is fulfilled within the university workweek (Friday to Thursday). This policy also allows for incidental remote work based on individual circumstances.

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Acceptable Practices and Other Considerations

Acceptable practices and other considerations for remote work locations or hybrid schedules are available.  This includes information on acceptable oversight, supplies, and facilities.  Expectations surrounding interaction and how outcomes will be measured and discussed is covered in the Remote Work Location approval form.

University policies and standard workplace practices apply to remote work location arrangements whether as part of the Flexibility in the Workplace or Remote Work Location Policies, including IT policies, department call-out procedures, etc.

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Other Related Policies

Regardless of the work setting or working scenario, UF regulations and policies apply to all employees of the university.

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