Role-Based Factors

  • In-Person Service Requirements – Roles involving classroom support, in-person meetings, or on-campus events.
  • On-Site Operations – Roles in labs, clinics, or libraries.

Learn more: Work Schedules and Work Location Standards Decision Tree.

Resource-Based Factors

  • University Resources – Availability of equipment and stipends for remote work and/or the employee’s ability to provide needed resources.

Explore UFIT Remote Work Resources.

Employee-Based Factors

  • Offsite Workspace – Availability of a distraction-free workspace with high-speed internet.
  • Employee Readiness – Adequate training and capabilities for flexible or remote work. Consider formal arrangements after 3-6 months in a new role.

Other Considerations

  • Impact on Onsite Team – Evaluate how remote work affects onsite team workload and group dynamics.
  • Employee Suitability – Assess employee needs and work habits for success.
  • Non-Exempt Employees – Approval required for work outside approved schedules.
  • State Minimum Wage – Comply with state minimum wage guidelines in the remote employee’s state.


Meaningful management should focus on results and behavior. Regular feedback is crucial fo r remote employees to avoid disengagement.

Supplies and Facilities

Employees with approved remote work locations won’t have a dedicated UF office. Hoteling spaces or shared workstations may be provided.

  • Employee must sign for college-provided equipment and protect it from damage or theft.
  • Employee responsible for internet, utilities, and repairs to personally-owned equipment.
  • No stipends for remote work costs. Use myUF Marketplace for office supplies.
  • University IT cannot support non-UF devices or private internet services.

Work Location Outside of the State of Florida but in the United States

Approval needed for work outside Florida. Three scenarios:

  • UF Facility: UF’s established location (e.g., Washington D.C. office).
  • Remote in UF Tax State: Home or location in a state where UF deducts state taxes.
  • Remote in Non-UF Tax State: Location requiring additional approval and documentation.


  • Complete remote work location agreement if outside UF facility.
  • Follow state’s employment taxation laws.
  • Verify addresses in One.UF.
  • Unit must establish out-of-state work location in myUFL.

Work Location Outside of the United States

Approval needed for international work. Options for legal employment:

  • Establish in-country presence approved by the Board of Trustees.
  • Partner with in-country university through UF Procurement and UFHR.
  • Contract with UF-approved 3rd party vendor with registered presence.


  • Complete remote work location agreement for work outside the U.S.
  • Follow country’s employment taxation laws.
  • Verify addresses in One.UF.
  • Unit must establish out-of-country work location in myUFL.


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