Flexible Working FAQs

Flexible Working at the University

Flexible working allows University of Florida employees to work alternative schedules to complete their 40-hour workweek. Flexible working permits employees to vary their workdays and hours to better suit their needs while ensuring service levels are maintained.

Each department has the discretion to determine staffing coverage and maintain service levels.

Schedule Changes

  • Departments may modify flexible working schedules with a two-week notice to employees.

Weekly Work Hours

  • Flexible working schedules should not exceed 40 hours per week. Overtime must be compensated at 1.5x for nonexempt employees.
  • While alternative schedules can be established, employees must not work fewer than their prescribed hours in a workweek or pay period.

Lunch Breaks

  • Lunch breaks are typically a minimum of 30 minutes and set by the supervisor.

Core Hours

  • Departments can establish core hours during which all employees must be on the job.

Leave Accruals

  • Leave calculations for flexible working employees are the same as those working a standard schedule based on actual hours worked.

Holiday Leave

  • Employees can use a maximum of eight hours for holiday leave, regardless of their regular work hours and based on the FTE.

Holidays on Days Off

  • If a holiday falls on a day off, employees can use that benefit time on another scheduled workday in the same workweek with department approval.