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Work Schedules and Work Location Standards

The University of Florida is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week operation, and individual work units and their leadership (deans and cabinet members) decide work units’ operational hours based on needed academic or business outcomes.

Standard operations involve a range of employee work schedules and patterns based on the role, the needs of the unit, and considerations associated with the individual faculty or staff member. These standards are longstanding and may continue to be used judiciously as needs arise in the same manner and normal flexibility as prior to the pandemic. Typically, those working scenarios can be characterized in one of the following ways:

  • At a University of Florida facility: The faculty or staff member’s work schedule is generally fulfilled at an established work location of an official University of Florida facility, which may be in Gainesville or elsewhere. Incidental flexibility to work elsewhere can be extended from time to time under the university’s Flexibility in the Workplace Policy. When an employee is assigned to work at a UF facility, the established official work address is documented for each employee via the myUFL system.
  • At a remote work location: The faculty or staff member’s work schedule is fulfilled at a location other than a UF facility, most typically at the employee’s personal residence. Eligibility is contingent upon the employee’s current position description and classification or assigned job duties. Working at an approved remote location cannot be permitted if the employee cannot perform all essential functions of their assigned duties, including their contact with customers, coworkers, or students, as determined by the employee’s immediate supervisor. Final approval by the appropriate Director/Department Chair and Dean or Vice President is required for a remote work location. This is documented via the Remote Work Location approval form and also reflected in the myUFL system. These agreements require UFHR approval.
  • With a hybrid schedule: The faculty or staff member is assigned to work at a UF facility but also works from another location as part of an agreed-upon schedule (e.g., the employee works from home on certain days of the week but is in the office on others). Department chairs and unit leaders may approve up to two days per week to be worked elsewhere as part of an agreed-upon hybrid schedule, and final approval by the appropriate Dean or Vice President is required for a hybrid schedule. This is documented via the Remote Work Location approval form. The work address should remain the official UF location. A hybrid schedule with more than 40 percent of an FTE to be worked elsewhere requires the appropriate vice president and UFHR’s approval. The Remote Work Location Agreement is required if an employee is working remotely for 30 or more days. For out-of-state or out-of-country assignments, UFHR approval is required regardless of the FTE commitment.

Regardless of the work setting or working scenario, UF regulations and policies apply to all employees of the university.

Decision Tree

Work Schedules and Work Location Standards Decision Tree
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Note: University of Florida supervisors are not obligated to provide this arrangement, and the University of Florida has the right to refuse to make working at a remote location available to any employee and/or to terminate the arrangement at any time—regardless of whether the request meets the established criteria. For more information, see the Remote Work Location policy.