2023-24 Strategic Plan


At the University of Florida, we believe that a vibrant community is critical to the success and global impact of our work. By prioritizing a culture of careopportunity and excellence, we empower our faculty and staff to perform at their best, contributing to their unique talents and perspectives to address the world’s most pressing challenges.


UFHR recognizes that our community of faculty and staff is our greatest strength. We are committed to creating a culture that supports the success and well-being of our employees in their professional and personal lives. By providing access to resources and opportunities for growth, we foster an environment of collaborationinnovation, and creativity in which employees can truly thrive. We further offer administrative strategies to help colleges, departments and units flourish — contributing to the University of Florida’s lasting impacts.

Employee Experience & Belonging

Create a positive work environment by fostering a culture of care in which employees feel valued, supported and engaged.

Organizational Strategy, Data, & Design

Optimize the overall structure and processes of our systems to enhance performance, efficiency and productivity.

Top Talent Attraction & Recruitment

Attract top talent to elevate our competitive advantage and drive innovation.

Leadership Management, Development & Support

Promote a strong and effective organizational foundation.