We are pleased to offer GatorGradCare to Graduate Assistants and Pre-doctoral Fellows. GatorCare, a new health insurance plan created with your health and wellness needs in mind. Designed to promote improved health care access, quality of care and employee health, GatorCare is a consolidated group health insurance plan available to eligible groups associated with the University of Florida and its affiliates.

Important Note for GatorGradCare Summer 2014 Plan Participants Regarding COBRA:

The GatorGradCare 2013-2014 policy year ends 8/15/2014. Because the plan is COBRA eligible, ALL Summer 2014 GatorGradCare participants will be sent a COBRA packet regardless of Fall 2014 GatorGradCare enrollment and eligibility status. The COBRA packet will arrive in an envelope from Ceridian, the COBRA administrator.

Students who ARE still eligible for GatorGradCare for Fall 2014 must re-enroll for GatorGradCare online and may disregard the COBRA packet. The GatorGradCare enrollment deadline is 9/14/2014.   Enrollment is not automatic; students must re-enroll each academic year they are still eligible for GatorGradCare.

Summer 2014 GatorGradCare plan participants no longer eligible for GatorGradCare for Fall 2014 and with no other means of insurance may wish to enroll in COBRA. COBRA coverage is retroactive back to the termination date and must be elected within 60 days.

Please notify of changes to your mailing address.

Plan Information

GatorGradCare plan information can be found online here:

General GatorCare information can be found online here:

  • Medical Benefits Administration: Florida Blue
  • Pharmacy Benefits: Magellan Pharmacy Solutions
  • Plan Name: GatorGradCare
  • Group Number: 78358
  • Dental Benefits (pdf document)

Participant Eligibility Requirements

University of Florida graduate students on an appointment as a graduate assistant, teaching assistant, or research assistant may participate in the GatorGradCare health insurance plan.  To be eligible, University of Florida graduate students must be enrolled in a UF graduate degree program, on an appointment through University of Florida, appropriately registered and appointed 0.25 FTE (fulltime equivalent) or greater for a particular semester.

University of Florida graduate students on a Pre-doctoral Fellowship appointment and appropriately registered are also eligible to participate.  There is no FTE requirement for graduate students on a Fellowship appointment.

Criteria for appropriate registration can be found in the Registration Requirements section of the Graduate Catalog.

Students’ eligibility for GatorGradCare will be reviewed before their coverage is loaded with the insurance company. This process begins after drop/add. Students will receive an eligibility confirmation notice once verification has been completed.

If a student experiences a medical emergency before their eligibility is confirmed, they may contact the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or email



Enrollment is not automatic; students must enroll in GatorGradCare each academic year.

The online enrollment can be found here:

Enrollment Deadlines
Eligible students may enroll in GatorGradCare during the specified enrollment periods only.

The enrollment deadlines for the plan are as follows:

Coverage Period Enrollment Deadline
Annual Enrollment September 14
Spring/Summer Enrollment January 30
Summer Only Enrollment May 16

No enrollments can be accepted after the enrollment deadline.

Students who miss the GatorGradCare enrollment deadline or are not eligible for GatorGradCare can purchase the UF Student Insurance Plan available through UnitedHealthcare StudentResources. For more information regarding the Student Insurance Plan, please contact the local servicing agent, Scarborough Company Insurance, at (352) 377-2002.

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Confirmation Email
Students should retain the INSURANCE REQUEST CONFIRMATION that is received after successfully completing the online GatorGradCare enrollment process in order to track their GatorGradCare enrollment submissions.

International Graduate Assistants and Pre-doc Fellows needing to provide insurance verification to the International Center for registration purposes may submit the INSURANCE REQUEST CONFIRMATION e-mail to the International Center at


Effective Dates of Coverage

The GatorGradCare coverage effective dates are as follows:
Annual: August 16
Spring/Summer: January 1
Summer Only:May 16

The GatorGradCare policy year terminates August 15. Please note the following important information regarding GatorGradCare coverage effective dates:

      • Coverage will automatically terminate prior to August 15th if a Graduate Assistant or Pre-Doc Fellow loses his/her eligibility status. The termination date will be the end of the month in which the Graduate Assistant or Pre-Doc Fellow loses his/her eligibility status.
      • If you submit an annual enrollment and are only eligible for the plan for the fall, your coverage will terminate January 31.
      • If you submit an annual or spring/summer enrollment and meet the eligibility requirements for the plan for the entire spring term, your coverage continues through the summer and terminates August 15. This is regardless of your eligibility status in the summer term.The premium for summer coverage will be paid on the student’s behalf, regardless of eligibility status in the summer term.


ID Cards

ID cards are mailed to your local home mailing address and arrive about 2 weeks after your coverage is loaded for the first time with Florida Blue. Please note the following:

  • Florida Blue does not issue separate ID cards for dependents covered under your insurance plan. You will receive two ID cards under your name and dependents will use your insurance card information. When providers or pharmacies call Florida Blue, they will be able to confirm your covered dependents.
  • You may order additional cards or print a temporary card after you create an online account at See the section entitled “Creating Your Online Account With Florida Blue” for information regarding creating your online account.


Creating Your Online Account with Florida Blue

You will be able to view claim details, order additional ID cards, and print temporary ID cards online at by logging in to MyBlueService after you have created your online account.

You must have your member ID number in order to create your online account
. The member ID will be available through the Florida Blue Benefits Information Hotline within a few days after your eligibility is confirmed by the University of Florida. You can obtain your member ID number by contacting the Florida Blue Benefits Information Hotline at (800) 967-8938.



The eligible graduate student’s premium for GatorGradCare is paid by the University of Florida.
The GatorGradCare student premium is $2,060 for the 2014-2015 policy year.

Students who include coverage for their dependent(s) on their online enrollment are responsible for the dependent premium. Please see the section entitled “Dependent Coverage” for additional information.

2014-2015 Annual GatorGradCare Dependent Premiums
Spouse/Partner $2,267
Child(ren) $2,059
Family (Spouse/Partner +Child(ren)) $4,325

Departments will need to use the appropriate Pooled Fringe Rate to budget for GA benefit costs. The health insurance premium for Pre-Doc Fellows will be charged directly to the funding grant.


Dependent Coverage

Enrollees may select dependent coverage at the time of enrollment. Eligible dependents include the eligible student’s spouse or domestic partner and dependent child(ren) up to 26 years of age.

The premium (cost of insurance) for dependents is shown on the online enrollment and is the student’s responsibility. The dependent premium will be charged to the eligible student’s ISIS account as shown on the online enrollment.

All elections on the online enrollment are final. Changes to dependent coverage level can be made only if there is a qualifying event. Please see the “Qualifying Status Change” section below for additional information.



Qualifying Status Changes

Outside of the initial enrollment submission for GatorGradCare, you may make a change to your plan coverage level only if you experience a qualifying status change (QSC.)

You are responsible for reporting any qualifying status events and submitting the appropriate documents to GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office within 60 days of the event. Qualifying status events include the following changes in family or employment status:

        • Birth, adoption, or legal guardianship
        • Marriage
        • Divorce
        • Death of spouse or dependent
        • Gaining/Losing other group health insurance

Coverage for newborns is retroactive to the baby’s date of birth. All other changes to coverage level based on a QSC are effective on the first of the month following the date of the qualifying event or the first of the month following the date the enrollment form and supporting documents are received, whichever is later.

The enrollment form and supporting documentation for the qualifying event must be provided to the GA and Post Doc Benefits Office within 60 days of the event date.

The premiums for adding dependent coverage based on a QSC are the student’s responsibility. The premium is calculated based on the effective date of coverage and will be charged to your student ISIS account. No refunds are granted for termination of dependent coverage based on a QSC.

Contact the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or to report a qualifying status change.


Use of the Student Health Care Center (SHCC)

It is recommended that students covered by the GatorGradCare Health Plan contact the Student Health Care Center first for routine medical services. The Student Health Care Center does have a pharmacy.

There is no referral requirement under the plan and you are not required to utilize the Student Health Care Center.

The Student Health Care Center phone number is (352) 392-1161 and their website can be found here:


Mandatory Health Insurance Information

If you are eligible and enroll in GatorGradCare, this coverage meets the mandatory health insurance requirement. You do not need to do anything else after submitting the GatorGradCare enrollment through the enrollment site and agreeing to the mandatory health insurance requirement policy through your ISIS account.

Because of the timing, you will see the charge for the school-sponsored plan on your account until your GatorGradCare eligibility is confirmed. You should not pay this charge because it will be removed once your GatorGradCare eligibility is confirmed after the drop/add period.


Address Changes

If you change your mailing address, please advise the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office by emailing to ensure that your mail reaches you promptly.


COBRA—Continuation of Coverage After Termination

Please note that this information applies to students eligible for GatorGradCare in Fall 2013 and later.

Once your GatorGradCare Health Insurance terminates, you will receive a COBRA packet in the mail.

COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) is a federally mandated program that allows you to continue your medical benefit based on the following qualifying events:

  • Termination of employment (for reasons other than gross misconduct)
  • Divorce or legal separation
  • Employee’s death (for eligible dependents)
  • Covered employee becomes eligible for Medicare
  • Child ceases to be eligible for coverage under the plans


Contact Information

For questions regarding plan coverage or claims after you have received your Florida Blue ID card please call Florida Blue Customer Service at (800) 664-5295.

For questions regarding plan coverage or claims prior to receiving your Florida Blue ID card please call the Benefits Information Hotline at (800) 967-8938. (You will need to reference Group #78358)

For local assistance with questions regarding plan coverage, you may contact Leslie Florence, the Gainesville Florida Blue GatorCare liaison, at, or by phone at (352) 594-3354 or using internal extension: 4-3354.

To locate GatorCare providers, please check or call (352) 265-UFMD (8363).

University of Florida and Shands employees and family members with accepted insurance plans can get expedited appointments

For assistance with enrollment and eligibility questions, qualifying status changes, and mailing address changes, please contact the GA and Post Doc Associate Benefits Office at (352) 392-0003 or email