UF EEP Application

Summer A/C Application Submission and Director Approval Closed, 5PM April 30.

The university’s fee petition and fee refund policies and procedures are not applicable to courses taken through this program. Therefore, there is no petition process for, or a refund of any fees paid. Please review EEP Deadlines, EEP Application Submission, and Course Registration before submitting your application.

The following actions will result in EEP waiver denial:

  1. Late director approval. Your application must receive your director’s online approval before the 5PM EEP Application Director Approval deadline. There are no extensions for Director approval deadlines.
  2. Early registration. You may not register or be registered (by your department/program) before the EEP registration period found here: deadlines.
  3. Ineligible EEP Courses. To receive EEP funding, courses must be EEP eligible and listed on your EEP application. To verify course eligibility, visit the University Registrar schedule of courses (see Course Selection and Application Submission Requirements for instructions).

Application Deadline Reminders:

  • Summer B director approval deadline is before 5PM, June, 17.
  • Summer B applications or director approvals will not be accepted after 5PM on June 17.
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