Voluntary 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

The voluntary 457 Deferred Compensation Plan is a retirement savings plan that allows employee contributions and earnings to grow tax-deferred. Funds are taxed as income when withdrawn from the plan. This plan has a separate IRS contribution limit from the 403(b) plans, and there is no employer matching for contributions.


  • Faculty
  • USPS
  • OPS (Including House Staff/Residents, Graduate Assistants, Post Docs, and Adjunct Faculty)




Loans/Hardship Withdrawals

Loans and hardship withdrawals are allowed. Contact the Bureau of Deferred Compensation’s office at (877) 299-8002 to discuss your situation and request the necessary form.

Update My Beneficiary

Contact your investment provider company to update.

Stop or Change 457 Deductions

Note: It may take several weeks to stop or change your 457 deductions. To begin this process, please contact the Bureau of Deferred Compensation’s office at (877) 299-8002.