Higher Education Opportunity

About the HEO

The University of Florida’s Higher Education Opportunity (HEO) provides children of full-time TEAMS employees with the opportunity of tuition assistance for an undergraduate education at the University of Florida. Each year, Human Resource Services will choose at random from a pool of eligible applicants 50 children of TEAMS employees to participate in this program. For each child selected, the university will pay the in-state matriculation fees, less any Bright Futures scholarship award, for a maximum of 132 credit hours toward an undergraduate degree at the University of Florida or a public community or state college for each selected child.

To be eligible to be entered into the pool, the child must meet the following conditions:

  1. He or she must be the natural, adopted, step, foster, or any other child for which legal guardianship can be documented, of a full-time TEAMS employee.
  2. He or she will continue to be eligible for the program through the end of the calendar year in which the child turns 26 years of age.

The program is not limited to incoming freshmen only. Parents of students who would like to transfer to UF may submit their child’s name for consideration for the HEO as well.

In order to be placed in the scholarship drawing each academic year, each of the following must be completed at the close of business by the application deadline.

  1. The child of the TEAMS employee must apply for admission to the University of Florida, Office of Admissions.
  2. The TEAMS employee must notify Human Resource Services that he or she wishes to enter his or her child into the HEO drawing by submitting the online HEO Application Form by the established deadline.

Once Human Resource Services has confirmed the eligibility of those requesting to be in the HEO, the pool will be forwarded to UF’s Director of Admissions. To ensure fairness, the 50 names will be selected at a public drawing to take place each spring.

Those children among the 50 selected must meet admissions requirements to the University of Florida in order to be offered admission to UF.

Those children among the 50 who do not meet admissions requirements to the University of Florida, who receive their high school diplomas before August 30, and who wish to participate in the Higher Education Opportunity program must enroll at a public community college in Florida.

In either case, this program will cover the in-state matriculation fees, less any Bright Futures scholarship award, for up to 12 credits per semester during the academic year and for up to 6 credits per 12-week summer semester at the University of Florida or a public community college. For students participating in the UF Innovation Academy (IA) undergraduate program, the HEO will cover the in-state matriculation fees, less any Bright Futures scholarship award, for up to 12 credits per spring and summer semester and to up to 6 credit hours per fall semester.

This program does not cover costs outside of the in-state matriculation fees, including housing, books, activities, transportation, health, services, athletic fees, late registration, late payment, materials, lab fees, supplies, etc.

In order to maintain eligibility in the program each semester:

  1. The child’s legal guardian must be a full-time TEAMS employee on the first day of classes for each new semester.
  2. The child’s cumulative GPA must be 2.75 or higher.
  3. If the child is attending a public community or state college, he or she must provide Human Resource Services with a current official transcript showing all courses attempted and grades received.
  4. The child must complete the HEO Status Verification web form every semester in order to receive funds from the HEO. The form will be available before the start of each semester. During the course of any semester, the child may contact the program coordinator to update his or her contact information (which will ensure that he or she receives email correspondence from us that contains reminders and important information about the HEO), but will still be required to verify their status during the specified timeframe each semester in order to receiving funding through the HEO.

For questions regarding the HEO Scholarship, please feel free to contact our program coordinator Kenya Williams at kenya-williams@ufl.edu, or 352-273-1761.