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File a Complaint Alleging Discrimination or Retaliation Related to Disability, Disability Requests

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Complainant's Information

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Respondent's Information
The respondent is the person or persons against whom you are submitting a complaint.

Basis of Complaint

Explain your situation with as much detail as you can. Include the names of the people who you believe are engaged in misconduct.  Be sure to include date(s) of the incident(s), specific location(s), and any supporting details. Identify any University or departmental policies, regulations, or laws you believe have been violated. Please describe the specific way(s) in which you believe you have been harmed as a result of the circumstances reported above and explain how you believe Employee Relations can resolve the situation to your satisfaction (i.e., describe what you would like to see done)
Identify by name and job title or position any witnesses who have personal knowledge of the incidents or conduct you describe.

Description of Desired Resolutions/Outcomes

To best assess your complaint, attach below all relevant documentation (e.g., emails, letters, etc.).

By submitting this complaint below, I certify that the information given in this complaint is true and correct to the best of my knowledge or belief. I understand I will be contacted by Human Resources to discuss my concerns. Depending on the current volume of complaints, contact time may vary.