myTraining Partner Program

The myTraining Partner Program (MPP) provides trained UF departments with staff and faculty training responsibilities, access to the myTraining system to create learning activities, manage training rosters, and run training reports. The instruction guides below provide best practices for performing advance functions in myTraining for users with the Author, Instructor Advanced, or Training Administrator role.


Depending on the role you need, there are a series of trainings to complete. Please reach out to to discuss and determine the best security role and training for you.

  • myTraining Partner Introduction: MPP100
    This online course serves to orient those interested in obtaining the Author or Training Administrator role to the myTraining Learning Management System. It covers the multiple instances of myTraining, the purpose of the myTraining roles, important areas within myTraining such as the Dashboard, Learning Activity page, Properties, etc., where new learning activities are created, where reports are run and all important policies and protocols.
  • myTraining Author Training: MPP200
    This training covers all the processes required to serve as an Author in myTraining. It covers creating and editing multiple learning activities, viewing and printing rosters, creating and editing evaluations and running reports.
  • myTraining Training Administrator Training: MPP201
    This training covers all the processes required to serve as a Training Administrator in myTraining. It covers all the processes of an Author, plus processing all rosters.
  • myTraining Instructor Advanced Training: EDT100
    This short online course covers all the processes required to manage one’s own training schedule and rosters, and run reports, as an instructor in myTraining. This role does not create or edit learning activities or evaluations.

Security Roles

These are the security roles that can be requested once training is completed.

  • Author – UF_N_EL_AUTHOR
  • Training Administrator – UF_N_EL_TRAINING_ADMIN
  • Instructor Advanced – UF_N_EL_INSTRUCTOR_ADVANCED

Visit the Identity & Access Management website for details on each myTraining security role.

IMPORTANT: There are three steps to obtaining a role the department security administrator (DSA) must complete.

  1. Users can only receive one security role in myTraining. DSA’s should request removal of any existing myTraining role before requesting a higher-level security role.
  2. When requesting a security role for myTraining, enter “UF” for the Authority Area.
  3. Ensure the user’s HRMS Department Security is up-to-date authorizing which departments the user can view within myTraining.