Application Submission

After confirming you will be enrolled as an active degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student for the semester of your EEP request, take the following steps to submit your EEP application:

  1. Review this page for EEP requirements about, deadlines, application submission, course selection, registration and refund policy, before submitting your application.
  2. Identify who your supervising approvers (manager and or director) will be. Depending on your reporting structure, you may need one or two levels of approval. This is determined by your supervising department.
  3. Verify the courses you plan to register are covered by the EEP. EEP course eligibility must be confirmed on course-by-course basis on the University Registrar schedule of courses. See Course Selection at UF for instructions.
  4.  Verify you have included all the EEP eligible courses you may potentially register for on the EEP application. To receive EEP funding, courses must be EEP eligible and listed on your EEP application.

After submitting your application

Monitoring your confirmation emails helps you to verify the approval status of your EEP application.

  1. “Your EEP application has been received” confirmation email verifies your application submission was successful, and that the EEP office received your application.
  2. Reviewing your application for accuracy is important to ensure the correct semester, year and course information is listed on your  application.  Note: The “preview” function in the confirmation email’s attachment allows you to view the entire application.
  3. “Your Manager has Approved” and “Your Director has Approved” confirmation emails verify that your supervising approver(s) successfully approved your application.
  4. The director approval confirmation email verifies the registrar  received your EEP funding request before the 5PM deadline expired.
  5. If you do not receive a confirmation email after you submit your EEP application or your manager/director approves your application, you must contact for assistance.

Reminder: Late Director Approvals received after the 5PM deadline will result in funding denial.

Application submission tips

EEP applications cannot be edited. If you need to change course information after application submission, a new application will need to be submitted and must receive your director’s approval before 5PM on the established EEP director approval deadline. Contact the EEP coordinator if you need assistance at

Pending enrollment as a student? If you have started the enrollment process and have the expectation of being enrolled as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student for a specific term, you should submit and receive director approval for the EEP application before the EEP application deadline expires. Connect with the EEP coordinator at, if you need guidance.

EEP applications do not auto-renew. You must submit a new EEP application for each term you with to receive EEP funding.