Training & Organizational Development
Phone: – (352) 392-4626
Fax: – (352) 392-1055
Mail: – PO Box 115006, Gainesville, FL 32611

UF Training and Organizational Development’s strategic purpose is to help improve the performance of UF faculty and staff.

By providing ongoing personal and professional development opportunities, our overall goal is to help increase UF employees’ effectiveness—and their ability to contribute.  Along with workshops on a variety of topics, such as supervisory skills, leadership, communication, and teamwork, this includes a formal education program that provides funding for college-level courses for participating UF employees.

Beyond our standard programs, we also offer organizational development services based on performance management principles. Contact us for retreat planning and facilitation, customer service assessments, performance needs assessments, team development services, department training visits—tailored for specific environments and related to identified competencies—and meeting facilitation.

Bob Parks
Assistant Vice President / Director, UF Training and Organizational Development

Gwynn Cadwallader
Associate Director, UF Training and Organizational Development

Rebecca Younglove
Senior Leadership Development Professional

Tricia Bachus
Sr. Leadership & Organizational Development Specialist

Irma Alvarez
Organizational Development Specialist

Sarah Hanson
Training Coordinator

Ronda Mitchell
Training Coordinator

Courtney Moon
Training Coordinator

Verlissa Ford
Human Resource Specialist III

Shannon Powell
Instructional Designer III

Nicole Harris
Instructional Designer II

Karina Kolb
Instructional Designer II

Brandon Telg
Instructional Designer II

Fidela James
Instructional Designer II

Kandice Lloyd-Weech
Educational Training Specialist I

Jenny Seitz
HR Systems Administrator