COM 403(b) Plan (AEF Retirement Plan)

Clinical Faculty in the College of Medicine (COM) are automatically enrolled in the Fidelity AEF retirement plan, however you must select your investment options. Additionally, COM Clinical Faculty are mandated to participate in the State University System Optional Retirement Program (SUSORP) and must complete the ORP MAND Form and contact a provider to execute a contract.


  • Designated Clinical Faculty are automatically enrolled with Fidelity Investments.

Contribution Rates

  • Employer: 5.14% of biweekly earnings
  • Mandatory Employee: 3.00% of biweekly earnings
  • Voluntary Employee contributions are not permitted to this plan

IRS Contribution Limits

The limits for this plan are based on our fiscal and calendar years. Visit the Retirement Plan Contribution Limits page for the current years’ maximums.



Loans/Hardship Withdrawals

Voluntary savings plans are designed for long-term retirement planning purposes and therefore employees should use other methods to save for immediate or short-term expenses. However, the UF 403(b) plans do allow for loans under very specific circumstances and according to the plans’ loan policy statements.

COM 403(b) plan participants may contact their investment provider for loan information.

Hardship withdrawals are not allowed.

Update My Beneficiary

Login to your Fidelity account to update your beneficiary information.