Voluntary 457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Voluntary retirement savings plans are designed to supplement retirement income from a state plan or to act as a stand-alone plan. These plans are open to all employees and have no employer contribution. Employees may select tax-deferred or post-tax Roth options.


  • Faculty
  • Staff (TEAMS)
  • Law Enforcement
  • OPS (Temporary Staff, Adjunct Faculty, Residents/Housestaff, Graduate Assistants, and Post-Doctoral Associates)


To open an account, submit the Deferred Compensation Plan EZ Enrollment Form online or directly contact one of the approved investment providers online or by phone.

Contribution Management

Contributions may be modified throughout the year by contacting the Bureau of Deferred Compensation at 877-299-8002 or your chosen investment provider. It may take several weeks to implement requested changes.

IRS Contribution Limits

The limits for this plan are based on the calendar year and separate from the limit for the voluntary 403(b) plans. Visit the Retirement Plan Contribution Limits page for the current year’s maximums.


Loans/Hardship Withdrawals

Loans and hardship withdrawals are allowed. Contact the Bureau of Deferred Compensation’s office at (877) 299-8002 to discuss your situation and request the necessary form.

Update My Beneficiary

Contact your investment provider company to update your beneficiary.