New Business Admin Onboarding

Welcome to GBAS: Empowering Business Administrators at the University of Florida

Discover GBAS, your pathway to professional growth at the University of Florida for business administration.

Guided Onboarding

For newly appointed Business Administrators at the University of Florida or those stepping into a new role, GBAS recommends a series of comprehensive courses and training opportunities. These learning resources provide a succinct, yet insightful grasp of the multifaceted functions BAs perform at UF.

Pathways of Development

Embarking on your journey as a GBAS member, you’ll find tailored development paths aligned with your area of specialization. These pathways pave the way for active participation in the dynamic GBAS community of practice, fostering growth and collaboration among peers.

Note for Seasoned Professionals: While some of you may not be new to the University of Florida or your role, your interest in joining GBAS is wholeheartedly welcomed. Your pathway might differ slightly, acknowledging your existing familiarity. Onboarding courses may not be necessary, and if you have already completed the PRO3 series, you’re ahead on this enriching journey.

Embrace this opportunity to evolve as a Business Administrator through GBAS. We invite you to delve into the possibilities, engage deeply, and elevate your mastery within the nurturing realm of higher education business administration.