Summer B EEP application submission and director approval closed 5PM June 17.
Now accepting Fall 2024 applications!
Term  *Director Approval Deadline EEP Registration Period Drop/Add Fee Liable Deadlines
Fall ’24 5 pm August 14 August 22  – August 28 11:59pm August 28
Spring ’25 5 pm December 20 January 13 – January 17 11:59 pm January 17
Summer A/C ’25 5 pm April 29 May 12 – May 13 11:59 pm May 13
Summer B ’25 5 pm June 16 June 30 – July 1 11:59 pm July 1


  1. *Director Approval Deadline is the deadline the EEP Participant’s supervising Director, Chair, or Department Head must complete the online approval for the EEP application.
  2. Participants must meet EEP application director approval deadline (before 5PM) and comply with EEP registration period to be considered for EEP waivers. Late director approvals or early EEP course registrations will result in EEP funding denial.

During the Summer term, separate EEP applications and deadlines are required for EEP courses taken Summer A/C and Summer B, to align with UF’s drop/add registration periods. Summer semester registrations occurring May-August (A, C or B) are considered a single semester for purposes of EEP program (6 credit hour) coverage. If one registers for a combination of Summer A, C or B, a maximum of (6) credit hours will be covered by the EEP.