Policies and Procedures

All official UF HR policies are located on the UF Policy Hub site

The University has charged staff from the Office of General Counsel and Office of Compliance and Ethics with defining, implementing, and overseeing the policy development process and maintaining a central repository of University Policies and Regulations.

UF Policy Hub

College / Work Unit Policies

Colleges or work units may have complementary policies related to working scenarios, particularly focused on available flexibility as well as conditions under which working at a remote work location or hybrid schedules will be available.  These policies cannot contradict university policies but can address expectations surrounding computer equipment (e.g., UF- versus personally provided), the procedures for returning equipment in need of repair or at the conclusion of employment, etc.

UFIT Acceptable Use Policy

The university’s Acceptable Use Policy for IT remains in effect.

Human Trafficking Compliance Plan

UF’s Human Trafficking Compliance Plan