Course Selection at UF

This program does not permit enrollment in:

  • Thesis
  • Dissertation
  • Internships
  • Directed individual study
  • Individual performance courses
  • Non-credit courses
  • Sponsored-credit courses
  • Off-book programs
  • Correspondence courses
  • and some distance education course offerings

You must verify if the courses for which you are registering are approved for the EEP by completing the following steps:

  1. Visit the Office of the University Registrar schedule of courses page.
  2. Once here, use the “Course Search” function to check your course(s) for EEP eligibility.
  3. Check the “Additional Details” section of each course. The words “EEP Eligible” is listed for each eligible course. If the “EEP Eligible” label is absent under Additional Details, the course cannot be covered by this program.
  4. Include primary and alternate course selections (if available) on your application.

Note: EEP registration occurs during UF’s drop/add period. We recommend that after listing your EEP eligible (primary choice) course(s) you intend to be registered for, to also consider including (alternate) eligible courses, in case your primary choice courses are full when the EEP registration period opens. The EEP will pay up to six credit hours (based on your actual registration) per semester term from the list of your primary and alternate choices.