Dental Plans

Information on these pages serve as an overview of health benefits that UF provides employees; however, not all employees are eligible for all benefits plans. 

Visit Benefits Eligibility to view available coverage options for your role at UF.


Before enrolling in a dental plan, it is essential to understand the coverage details and provider network. Dental coverage and costs can vary significantly between plans, and many have waiting periods before more advanced treatments or orthodontia services will be covered. Please review these dental plans carefully and choose the one that best suits your upcoming needs.

Confirm your coverage and payment responsibilities with your dentist or dental company before treatment to avoid unexpected expenses. For assistance, contact the respective plan administrators.

State of Florida (Pre-Tax)

The state offers various dental insurance plans, including Prepaid (DHMO), Standard PPO, and Indemnity PPO options, to both full-time and part-time employees.

UFSelect Eagles Direct Reimbursement Plan (Post-Tax)

The University of Florida offers the Eagles Direct Reimbursement Dental Plan to employees who work 20 hours per week or more (.50 FTE). Eagles Dental is not a dental insurance plan and does not provide pre-negotiated cost reductions, simply reimbursement for expenses. It is available for use at all dental offices and may be chosen as stand-alone coverage or in addition to a state plan to cover costs beyond the insurance’s maximum annual benefit.