Shared Purpose/Goals

Shared Purpose/Goals

Teamwork Shared Purpose


Team/Individual Behaviors

  • Team members participate in regular meetings to review progress towards goals, hold each other accountable, share struggles, and share successes related to achieving goals and objectives
  • Team members buy into goals and understand how their work fits into the vision, mission, and goals for the department
  • Team members actively contribute to establishing shared goals which are clear, simple, and measurable
  • Team members establish a realistic and attainable purpose
  • Team members are committed to achieving a quality outcome

Team Leader Behaviors

  • Team leader uses a system for involving the team in setting goals, communicating vision, and establishing a strategy for the team so that each member can see how their work contributes to the big picture
  • Team leader holds regular check-ins with the team to assist with roadblocks, provide feedback, and communicate or clarify goals and vision
  • Team leader establishes priorities for the team to ensure the most important tasks are completed in a timely manner and the team is not derailed