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  • Core courses (2)
  • Elective credits (4)
  • Personal Excellence courses (5)

Core Courses Course Descriptions

PRV802 FERPA Basics

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The Family Education Records and Privacy Act is complicated by itself; add Florida statutes and UF policies related to academic information, and it’s easy to see why mistakes may be made. If you handle student information, this training is for you.

PRO331 Privacy in Today’s World of Higher Education

Instructor: Caroel Debose

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In this session, participants will be exposed to essential information about protecting privacy including privacy application in academia, global privacy regulations and personal privacy protections. This session will seek to:

  • Introduce relevant privacy laws and policies that affect how the University conducts business
  • Explain the role of each employee and responsibilities for managing data
  • Describe requirements under state and federal privacy laws
  • Describe HIPAA obligations for individuals and the institution
  • Ensure participants understand their responsibilities and obligations to assure UF compliance

Academic Electives – Course Descriptions
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PRO325 Immigration 101: F-1 Student Regulations

Instructors: Martine Angrand and Candice DeBose-Tyson

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In this session, you will gain practical knowledge of immigration requirements and terminology related to assisting international students in attaining and maintaining legal status in the U.S. You will also develop working knowledge of the assistance and guidance available through the UF International Center.
Specific objectives of the class include:

  • Learning important terminology (F1, 1-20, I-94, etc.)
  • Reviewing the process of obtaining the I-20 (helping the student get the status needed to be an F-1 student in the U.S.)
  • Describing the requirements for maintaining legal status (e.g., enrollment and employment requirements)
  • Reviewing the process for getting social security numbers for international students

PRO328 Course and Academic Room Scheduling

Instructor: Colin Yokomi

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This Pro3 workshop will introduce key concepts surrounding course scheduling at the University of Florida. In this session, the schedule calendar will be discussed and an overview of relevant web screens will be provided. Additionally, participants will learn how to schedule classroom space, the final exam requirement, and instructors. Use of web-based templates also will be reviewed.

PRO337 Student/Program Plan

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The Student Program/Plan component in the myUFL Student Information System (SIS) is used to maintain student majors, degrees, minors, and certificates. Accurate maintenance is crucial to represent students’ credentials sought and to enable registration, fees assessment, and transcript production. This online course explains the vocabulary, structure, and business processes associated with maintaining student program/plans.

For undergraduate staff, the associated security roles is UF_SR_UGRD_ADV_UPD.

For graduate staff, the associated security role is UF_SR_GRAD_STAFF_USER.

Counts toward Pro3 Certification

OUR003 The Registration Process in myUFL

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This training will walk you through the registration process in myUFL. It is intended for college and department staff who perform registration functions such as enrolling students in courses or dropping courses from a student’s schedule. Topics covered include:

  • Registration key terms
  • How to use the Quick Enroll a Student page
  • How to use the Enrollment Request page

OUR008 Course Scheduling in myUFL

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The course scheduling process begins with colleges and departments entering their courses into myUFL. The course schedule editing period then closes for approximately four weeks, during which the Office of the University Registrar assigns classrooms appropriately based on room capacity, technology needs, etc. Once the room assignments are complete, the course schedule will reopen and colleges and departments will then be able to adjust room assignments and create additional sections as needed. This course focuses on the initial phase of course scheduling by colleges and departments in myUFL.

This course is required training for individuals who create their college or department’s course schedule and to obtain the UF_SR_SCHED_DEPT_USER security role.

OUR010 Grade Coordination in myUFL

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Designed for college-level and department-level grade coordinators, this course explains the roles and responsibilities of both coordinators, outlines how to authorize access to the grading system, view grading calendars, use rosters for grading, and submit grades manually and via File Upload.

SFA100 Reporting College and Department Scholarships

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This course is designed for those who report scholarship awards in myUFL such as Scholarship Coordinators, Scholarship Selectors and Award File Viewers.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe general scholarship information
  • Determine if a student has financial need
  • Report a new scholarship in myUFL
  • Determine if an award has been disbursed
  • Increase, reduce or cancel an existing award
  • Remain compliant with university guidelines for stewardship of scholarship funds

Personal Excellence – Course Descriptions
Required courses (5)

PRO301 UF 101: What Every Employee Should Know About the University of Florida

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This workshop is designed to increase institutional awareness so that employees at the University of Florida may be more effective in their jobs as they navigate the complexities of our large university and serve as resources for others. This workshop reviews UF’s overall organizational structure, its managerial structure (deans, directors, department chairs, etc.), and other relevant university relationships, including the University Board of Trustees and Board of Governors. Other key resources and facts about the university also are introduced.

GET050 Getting From A to B: Setting and Achieving Goals

Available as an on-demand online course through myTraining

This online course focuses on a key workplace skill — identifying and achieving the desired results of your work. In this session, you will learn to:

  • Identify clearly what you want and define your priorities
  • Explore methods for persisting in the face of challenges
  • Create goals that are clear and compelling
  • Develop a strategy that leads to accomplishment of your goals

HR 101

We offer two versions of HR 101, one for staff and one for managers/supervisors. You only need to take one version of the course for PRO3 completion. Take the version most relevant to your role.

PRO322 HR 101: How to Stay Legal as a UF Employee

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This course provides a practical introduction and guide to fair and legal employment practices at UF. This course is ideal for employees with HR responsibilities. It covers the most pertinent laws and policies involving basic human resource practices that impact our employees.

SCS010 HR 101: How to Stay Legal as a Manager or Supervisor

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This course provides a practical introduction and guide to fair and legal employment practices at UF. This course is ideal for individuals interested in human resources, serving in supervisory positions, or interested in becoming a supervisor. This course folds in the most pertinent laws and policies involving basic human resource practices and impacting our employees.

SCS060 Relationship Strategies

Instructors: Ronda Mitchell and Sarah Hanson

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Would you like to substantially increase your ability to communicate with other people? Can you imagine the ways this might benefit you in your career, your day-to-day dealings with people, and in your personal relationships? “Relationship Strategies” assembles a number of simple tools that can be easily applied to improve both business and interpersonal relationships. This workshop offers guidelines for understanding and adjusting to the differences in people, through observation of their behavior. The tools presented here will enable you to see yourself and your world through someone else’s eyes—and that can go a long way toward increasing communication effectiveness!

SCS065 Cultivating Judgment: Critical Thinking Skills for Complex Work Environments

Instructor: Shannon Powell

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Things change rapidly and continually at work which requires us to address unanticipated, uncertain, time-pressured and complex problems and decisions. In this session we will consider how critical thinking, along with self-awareness and understanding of the mental shortcuts we often, and unknowingly, take can be integrated into a process to help cultivate good judgment.

This class qualifies for CPE Credit for Florida CPAs

Plus one (1) of Training and Organizational Development’s Business Communication courses

See T&OD schedule for dates, times and locations of Business Communication workshops