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Welcome to the information page for the Pro3 Series, the University of Florida’s comprehensive training series for administrative professionals on campus.

What is it?

The Pro3 Series is a series of workshops and information sessions designed to help those in administrative positions at UF learn the key information and develop the key skills they need to be successful.

The series involves three certification programs centered on the three broad areas of administrative work at UF – Fiscal Management, HR and Payroll Management, and Academic Department Support.


For information on certification requirements, view the Quick and Easy Guide to the Pro3 Series.

Who is it for?

The Pro3 Series is designed for those who handle the administrative functions in departments and colleges at the University of Florida. Among a range of responsibilities, employees in these positions are typically expected to:

  • Enter and process financial or HR-related transactions such as purchasing goods, entering distributions, monitoring payroll, entering terminations, etc.
  • Monitor the department’s financial transactions and manage budgets.
  • Provide administrative support for developing departmental course schedules.

What are the requirements?

Each course maps to a specific competency (skill, knowledge, or ability) identified as important for success.

In each certification program, participants will need to complete courses within two categories:

  • Specialty—skills that are specific to that certification program (Fiscal, HR/Payroll, Academic Department Support).
  • Personal Excellence—skills that are required for success in any type of administrative position.

What are competencies and how were they identified?

Competencies are skills, abilities, or knowledge that contribute to success on the job. The competencies used in this program were identified and developed through extensive interviews, focus groups, and other research with those who currently excel in these administrative roles at UF.

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