GBAS History & Team

GBAS Founding & Structure

GBAS was founded in 2010 through a collaborative effort between the Office of the CFO, UFHR Training and Organizational Development (T&OD) and committed business administrators throughout UF. The initiative aimed to cultivate a ‘community of practice’ dedicated to advancing professional development in areas relevant to administrators across campus.

The leadership structure of GBAS comprises several key roles, including a Director, a Training Manager, GBAS Executive Partners/Sponsors, Thought Partners, and the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council plays a pivotal role in the organization, consisting of dedicated business professionals from across campus who serve as trusted advisors, ensuring that GBAS remains aligned with its core mission.

GBAS Director

Terry Moore serves as the GBAS director. Terry is the Director of Research Administration in the Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). She holds an MBA from Troy University and Bachelor of Science from Georgia Southern University and has been at UF since 2007. She provides management of the administrative functions for post award research administration. In her previous role she provided management of the administrative functions for fiscal/finance, research administration, and HR in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. She is also a Certified Research Administrator (CRA).

GBAS Training Manager

Shannon Powell serves as the GBAS training manager, fostering learning and collaboration within the community of practice. As part of UF’s Training and Organizational Development team, she is an accomplished Instructional Designer with a strategic vision for implementing innovative training initiatives. Shannon’s expertise also extends to various professional development programs and training projects across campus.

GBAS Executive Sponsors

  • Melissa Curry, Vice President of HR
  • Olga Weider, Assistant Vice President & University Controller

GBAS Thought Partners

  • Stephanie Gray, Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Programs, Office of Research
  • Tiffany Schmidt, Assistant Vice President, Contracts & Grants, Office of Research

Current GBAS Advisory Council Members

  • Gwynn Cadwallader, Associate Director of Training and Organizational Development at UF
  • Eric Conde, Senior Associate Dean, Administrative Affairs, College of Medicine-Jacksonville
  • Angela Gifford, Assistant Director of Administrative Services, IFAS School of Forestry, Fisheries and Geomatics
  • Lyz Lynch, Compliance Analyst IV, Conflict of Interest Office
  • Jonathan Peine, Director of Finance, Office of Enrollment Management
  • Rosabel Ruiz, Administrative Services Coordinator, College of Education
  • Kelly Sharp, Associate Vice President, Finance & Administration, Office of the Sr. VP of Health Affairs
  • Matthew Walters, Associate Director of Administrative Services, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering
  • Alicia Wood, Associate Director of Healthcare Administration, Department of Medicine

Past Council Members and Directors

  • Aigi Adesogan
  • Denise Bogart
  • Andrea Burne
  • Bonnie Cauthon
  • Cynthia Brochu
  • Jamie Dale
  • JoAnn Davis
  • Donna Del Buco
  • Todd Fraser
  • Keith Gouin
  • Nicola Heredia
  • Brian Keith
  • Crystal Lee
  • Barb Mitola
  • Mary Anne Morgan
  • Tracy Phillips
  • Jeff Pole
  • Dorothea Roebuck
  • Kim Rovansek
  • Deb Staats
  • Meena Thiyagarajah
  • Kathy Thrasher