GBAS Community of Practice

The goal of a community of practice is to promote collaborative learning and knowledge sharing among its members. Members may exchange information and best practices, offer advice and support, and work together to solve common problems or challenges. GBAS presents a unique opportunity for networking and building meaningful connections with fellow business administrators.

“Attending GBAS events exposed me to a higher level of understanding of the UF vision.” – former Advisory Council member

Fostering Professional Development in GBAS

Central to the GBAS program is our commitment to keeping Business Administrators abreast of the latest trends and practices. We accomplish this by offering valuable opportunities to skill-build, collaborate on problem-solving with peers, and exchange best practices. These opportunities are instrumental in cultivating a workplace culture that prioritizes ongoing learning and the advancement of professional skills.

As part of our community of practice, we offer in-person and virtual events throughout the year to explore various topics related to the challenges business administrators at UF face, and provide opportunities for growth in your profession.

“GBAS inspires me.” – GBAS Institute attendee

GBAS Institutes

Our biannual institutes are meticulously crafted to delve deeply into and enhance BA competencies. These gatherings offer BAs an exceptional opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow professionals in your field. The event’s format is intentionally designed to foster peer-to-peer learning experiences and feature insights from a diverse range of subject matter experts. These all-day hybrid events, held both in the fall and spring of each year, are carefully curated to address timely and pertinent topics. This ensures that attendees gain practical insights and skills that are immediately applicable in their roles.

“Always a worthwhile experience. I learned a great deal and enjoyed interacting virtually with other virtual conference attendees.” – GBAS Institute virtual attendee

Some past topics include:

  • The Future of Work – Strategies for creating flexibility, connecting to purpose, and building engagement
  • Recruiting with the Best of Them – Taking the Guesswork Out of Hiring
  • Workplace Wellness – Engaging Wellness to Help Your Team Thrive
  • You’re Not the Only One – Struggles with Participant Support Costs
  • All About Audits and Reviews – Explore how to make the review and audit process as smooth as possible
  • Managing for a Hybrid and Remote Workforce – A Panel Discussion


Our GBAS workshops are thoughtfully designed to facilitate meaningful learning experiences. Typically spanning two to three hours, these virtual sessions are centered around interactive group exploration, engaging discussions, and hands-on training that delves into complex topics. This approach ensures that participants gain practical insights and the expertise needed to excel in their roles. They occur in early fall and early spring of each year.

“This was a very enlightening workshop, probably the best I have attended in a long time.” – GBAS Workshop attendee

Some past topics include:

  • Grateful Gators: Building a Feedback Culture
  • Neurodiversity in the Workplace
  • Be Data Curious! – Building Capacity for a Data Literate UF
  • Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking when Stakes are High