UF Leader 360

UF Leader 360 is a multisource assessment that provides leaders with anonymous, questionnaire-based feedback from a variety of raters including colleagues, direct reports, and supervisors. By soliciting feedback from a variety of people, leaders receive a full circle perspective on their leadership skills. Once the feedback is collected, the leader is provided with a summary report of the results. A coaching session is also included in the assessment process.

The UF Leader 360 is available for a fee of $75. If you are interested in more information or to schedule an assessment for yourself or another leader in your unit, contact our team through the link below.

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The Assessment

The contents of this assessment are based on the UF Leadership/Management Competency Model.  The model and definitions were validated by first conducting focus groups and interviews across campus to identify the appropriate competencies needed to be a successful leader at UF.  After completing focus groups and interviews, HR experts vetted the information with senior leadership across campus. Additionally, Dr. Cynthia Garvan, Co-director of Collaborative Assessment and Program Evaluation Services (CAPES), provided additional survey design and validity and reliability testing assistance.

The Process

Overview of the process

With UF Leader 360, participating leaders identify a minimum number of potential raters in multiple categories to ensure they get a full circle view of their leadership skills.  The categories are:

  • Self
  • Supervisor
  • Direct report
  • Colleague

Raters should have first-hand knowledge of the leader’s work in order to give an honest assessment. The assessment is used for leadership development purposes only so it is important that leaders get a clear view of how they are doing.

The information raters provide in the assessment is anonymous (except for ratings from the leader’s supervisor).  The database is only accessible to selected HR administrators. The responses are aggregated by category (self, direct report, supervisor, colleague) and put into a report that shows the overall feedback picture. After the leader’s report is generated, all identifying information is disconnected from the responses leaving only the results with no personal data connections. Training and Organizational Development will use the aggregated information to help us in our efforts to define and develop effective leadership at UF.

Once a minimum number of assessments are completed for a leader, Training and Organizational Development provides the leader a report that summarizes the feedback as it relates to the leadership competencies. The report shows leaders where they are doing well and helps identify areas for growth. As part of the process, leaders also will attend a coaching session to help them reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and begin to chart a path for improvement.

If you have questions about the assessment or your responsibilities as a rater, please contact us by calling (352) 392-4626 or emailing UFleader360@ufl.edu.