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Seeking a degree, certificate, or non-degree classes?

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The EEP application process does not replace the University of Florida admissions or registration process. Participants must be admitted to the University of Florida as a degree or non-degree seeking student to participate in the EEP.

UF academic requirements, such as applying to UF as a degree or non-degree seeking student, admission to degree or certificate programs, or approval to take non-degree courses, are separate from and in addition to the EEP requirements found on this page. Connect with UF Admissions, Registrar or department owning the courses for enrollment guidance.

Applying for the EEP is the process which enables you to obtain assistance in paying for EEP eligible coursework you plan to take as an enrolled degree or non-degree seeking student. Employees interested in participating in the EEP, are responsible for meeting the university enrollment policies and procedures and EEP policy and procedures detailed on this page.

Degree-seeking student registration

The university establishes periods of enrollment each semester for employees registering for courses at UF to be paid for by this program. Degree seeking students enrolling at UF should only register during the EEP registration period. EEP applications may be submitted early, but course registration may not occur prior to the EEP registration period. Registering outside the EEP registration period can result in EEP funding denial.

Non-degree student registration

Non-degree seeking students must receive approval by the university registrar. Please click here for non-degree registration form. Please review the information relating to special program applications on the linked website (see Applying via Non-Degree: Application Process). EEP participants must select the Special Program option.

This application must be approved in addition to the EEP application by the University Registrar ( In the Non-Degree Course request section of the application, the student will select the “Non-Degree Special Program” option from the Program Information drop-down menu, then “Employee Education Program” from the Special Program drop-down menu. This action ensures the student’s non-degree course request will be matched to the waiver application. The university establishes periods of enrollment each semester for non-degree seeking students registering for courses at UF to be paid for by this program.


  1. It is important to submit both the non-degree and EEP application as soon as possible, to allow ample time for the review and processing of these applications.
  2. There is not an order for submitting non-degree and EEP applications. However, both applications are required to process your EEP request.

View the non-degree instruction guide. All students attending UF must complete the Mandatory Immunization and Health History form (first semester only).